Fall 2018 Trends Throw a Curve

We are headed for fall and here are three top trends you can expect to see in interior design:

Curvy Furniture of All Kinds

Retro chic, 70s-inspired couches, chairs and more are an instant upgrade to any room going into Fall. Curved sofas specifically got their start in the Victorian era. In their heavy and restrictive dresses, women couldn’t move easily so being able to face one another more directly was a huge help. Today, the curvy conversation area makes it easiest  for everyone seated on the sofa can see each other for the perfect hang out sesh.

Jewel Tones on Walls and Furniture

Not for the faint of heart, if you embrace this trend, be ready to commit. Maybe a boldy colored emerald sofa, a blue shade of peacock on your bedroom walls or maybe just as accents against a neutral palette.


Marble & Metals Everywhere

Marble slowly creeped into kitchens and baths the last couple of years and now into furniture, such as table tops and other surfaces, like fireplaces. It is a great balance to warmer tones. Camel and tan and other neutral palettes are also gaining favor and marble compliments these beautifully as well. Concrete flooring and other natural materials, along with “innovative” or custom uses for metal also top the list.


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